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Allen+Pepa Architects is pleased to offer our drawing services using BIM- Building Information Modeling. This is a new technology that is a substantial shift from traditional computer aided drafting (CAD). 

CAD  uses vector-based lines to represent objects. BIM uses 3-D model representations of the actual parts and pieces used to build a building. 


With BIM the design team builds a virtual 3-D model of the building. Plans, elevations and details are created simultaneously and automatically updated as changes are made. In addition, material quantities and building componates are listed as the drawing progresses, providing automatically updated information for construction cost estimating.


BIM makes it possible to manage projects with greater certainty, improve the accuracy of estimates, and protect against cost overruns. It provides a platform where the designers, engineers and contractors can collaborate to improve the productivity and efficiency of the whole team.

While creating this model, the architect was simultaneously creating plans, elevations, sections, construction

details and material schedules.


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