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A new church is more that just a building- it is the cornerstone of your community and the embodiment of your community's vision for its future. Our staff can guide you through the complex process of master planning, programming, design options, estimating, permitting and construction management. Throughout our design process your parish can compare options in relation to potential building costs and look at a variety of solutions so that you arrive at the one that best fits your church's needs and future goals.



There are many design perimeters to assembly spaces: seating layout, flexibility of use, natural acoustics, sound system and speaker layout, and lighting for general and special uses. Allen+Pepa's 3-D Building Information Modeling is excellent for refining the design elements and analysing the quality of the acoustics and special lighting effects.



With church expansion projects it is important to define a decision-making process that identifies the scope of the work to be done. We routinely lead clients through a master planning process that helps them collect and evaluate input, define their goals, and look at a variety of construction and phasing options in order to arrive at the solution best for their project.

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