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Location: Batavia, IL

Year: 2023

Type: Municipal & Planning

64,500 SF


Allen + Pepa Architects has worked with the City of Batavia on many remodeling, renovation, and maintenance projects for Batavia’s Government Center. In 2015 Allen + Pepa completed an extensive Conditions Assessment Report and a 5-year Masterplan for prioritizing and funding projected work on the building. In addition, it provided cost estimates for all recommended work and a 5-year budget plan/schedule for execution of the recommended projects. In 2019, Allen + Pepa Architects completed the project to remove and replace 96 windows and provide a comprehensive lime-based tuckpointing of this 110-year-old building. Finally, in 2023 construction was completed on an extensive interior and exterior remodeling project for Batavia’s City Hall. Some of the goals of this renovation were:

• To keep public services on the first floor for ease of access and enhanced security.
• Expose the original 1890’s heavy timber framing in the City Hall lobby.
• To work with the department heads and end users to enhance workflow and productivity.
• To coordinate Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers to properly reorganize these services.
• To remodel and update to meet current code requirements.

Batavia’s Government Center, long-term master-planning and strategic execution of the plan as the municipal budget permitted, yielded a terrific result.

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