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Location: Aurora, IL

Year: 2012

Type: Historic & Adaptive Reuse

5,800 SF


The 1844 Holbrook Mill is the oldest surviving structure in Kane County, IL. It was in crumbling disrepair and nearly unsalvageable when it was purchased by a private owner, to be restored to original exterior appearance as much as possible and converted for use as the owner's private residence and the display of his private collections. The first floor also served as the offices of Allen + Pepa Architects Aurora Studio from 2012 to 2017. The project entailed complete dismantling of the limestone building, building a new framed envelope, the construction of custom kingspost heavy timber trusses, and reassembling of the original stone for the exterior. This project is in the final finishing stages of construction. See the owner's website at to see the complete story of this project.

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