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(a joint project with Ben Suzuki and CKC Architects)

New Construction

Dae Jeon, South Korea

A unique project and unique opportunity. Eric Pepa teamed up with award winning designer and Professor of Architecture, Ben Suzuki and CKC Architects in South Korea, to design the lobby of the new corporate headquarters for SK Telecom, South Korea’s communications service provider. Placed  within their new 23 story tower  the lobby evokes swiftness, energy and high technology through its glistening metallic walls, marble and granite flooring, luminescent elevator cores and mahogany reception counters. The new lobby ties together three stories of circulation including elevators, escalators, cantilevered overlooks, glass canopies, overlapping ceilings and lighting in a brilliant interweaving of contemporary design. This project had the challenges of an extremely high-standard client on an intensely short schedule along with time-change and language barriers.

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