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Small Firm Value


"You Work Directly with the Principals of the Firm"

Architecture requires a detailed understanding of the clients’ needs, clear solutions for resolving complex code issues and definitive detailing of the project for contractors. A+P prides itself on our client interface and high-quality drawings. 

Crystal Salt

"Connections throughout Kane County"

Our studio history connects us not only with the community, government, and business leaders of Aurora and Elgin, but with all of Kane County from both ends of the region.


"BIM is Awesome"

Our implementation of 100% Building Information Modeling (BIM / Revit software) allows more comprehensive solutions as well as quick project turn-around. At critical junctures, we prefer to have the client work with us on the 3-D detailing of the project which is very empowering for the client. 

Crystal Salt

"Great Staff"

Our staff is well-trained in numerous strategic systems of A+P Architects. When required, our staff can carry the project forward as required.


"Architecture is a Team Sport"

Lane and Eric are consensus builders and risk managers for all entities associated with each project. Preparation and follow-through of meetings, clear agendas at meetings, 2-D and 3-D drawings at meetings or remote, web-based conference calls are all important strategies we deploy. 


"The Power of the Line"

Eric and Lane were trained in the early 80's and are exceptional at hand sketching. This allows for constructive client meetings and attractive drawings that are part of the "fun" of architecture. 

Crystal Salt

"Great Architecture is Local"

Lane and Eric are passionate about creating great architecture in our communities and the Chicagoland area. Similarly, when doing out-of-region and out-of-state projects, we connect with the local history and architectural styles to augment the local architecture of that region. 



When you work with Lane, you get an Origami dollar bill elephant!

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