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Location: Elgin, IL

Year: 2005

Type: Historic & Adaptive Reuse

16,000 SF


This project entailed a total gutting and restoration of the former Elk’s Lodge, a two story, 16,000 sf English Tudor structure in Downtown Elgin. Because of the state of disrepair, the building required structural and environmental analysis. The structure turned out to be substantially intact, but all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and lath and plaster walls needed to be removed. Asbestos and lead abatement were performed prior to repair to the structure.

Exterior walls were tuck pointed, roof was torn off and redone. Windows and doors were repaired and reused. Existing oak and maple flooring was sanded and re-finished. New insulation and all new mechanical systems were installed. New trim was created to match existing trim and the exquisite lobby stair was repaired. The building has returned to it’s former 1920’s grandeur and has been transformed into a modern, elegant and fully used facility.

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