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Location: Wheaton, IL

Year: 2023

Type: Commercial & Retail

5,000 SF


For this adaptive reuse project, Allen + Pepa was hired by Burbon Belly Hospitality and JDR Construction to convert three underutilized storefronts into a space for elevated and modern American dining. The existing building and site had served numerous purposes over several generations, from an auto-mechanic’s shop to a shoe store, and the state of the existing structure reflected this history of continuous reuse. The aesthetics of the remodeled space play off the raw nature of the structure that remained, featuring the exposed brick, steel beams, and wood joists. The building’s façade was heavily remodeled to bridge the transition from exterior to interior. A slate stone clads the exterior, and a double-sided fireplace was installed between two sets of folding storefronts. A new skylight was added to the roof to allow more natural light into the dining room, and Allen & Pepa worked closely with the owner and contractor to design an efficient kitchen in a tight space.

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