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Location: South Elgin, IL

Year: 2008

Type: Municipal & Planning


Allen+Pepa Architects (in association with Muterspaugh & Assoc. Architects) was commissioned by the Village of South Elgin, IL to perform comprehensive Facility Assessments of their existing Village Hall and Public Works buildings. The purpose of these reports was to determine the existing physical and functional state of these buildings, the ability to serve their respective users’ needs, and to assist elected
leaders in determining their long term facility needs. Elements of the reports include:
• Creation of schematic layouts of existing buildings and sites
• Photo documentation of issues and concerns
• Existing functional use diagrams
• Preliminary energy audits
• Building code, ADA and egress analysis
• Preliminary cost comparison of renovation vs. similarly sized new construction
• Conceptual floor plans of renovation options
• Future growth strategies

These reports are essentially precursors to allocation of funding for the next stage of
services: programming and schematic design.

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