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Our Approach

Allen + Pepa Architects provides a full range of architectural services includes master planning, facilities analysis, adpative reuse of existing buildings, new construction, interior, and construction management of our own projects.

A Typical Project Would Involve the Following: 

01 Progmg IHC- Concept Ceiling Plan 3-26-20.jpg

1. Programming and
Pre-Design Services

Our Architects define the client and end user's needs in written and graphic form, including definition of all spaces, adjacencies and utilitarian requirements. Zoning and site parameters are also solidified during this phase.

02 SD Cat-i Glass Facade sketch for Schematic D services.jpg

2. Schematic Design

Through multiple design cycles, we generate a detailed design of the proposed project which includes all of the space delineated, the exterior design and elevations worked out, and all engineering systems blocked out. An initial construction estimate can be done near the conclusion of this phase. If the project is not on budget, we are not out of Schematic Design. 

Crystal Salt

3. Design Development

The Architects coordinate all site and construction systems with the assistance of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) Engineers. A systems analysis report and/or updated drawings are done. Energy conservation parameters of the building and MEP system parameters are also summarized. With this specific systems information, a detailed cost estimate can be done to conclude this phase. 

04 CD Perspective of the Front Desk.jpeg

4. Construction Documents

Architects and Engineering consultants create the definitive "blueprints" for bidding, permit and construction. A contract is written with the contractor as defined by these drawings. 

05 Bid A+P ANALYSIS FVPD_Bid_Results Tabulation Web site 10-13-21.jpg

5. Bidding / Negotiation

The Architects can facilitate the competitive bidding process with some simple processes to assure the lowest responsible bid. An introductory contractor meeting, addenda and a definitive process help to assure a transparent bidding process and that the contractor's contract will be done correctly. Permits are often obtained during this same time. By the end of this phase, the final construction contract drawings will be completed. 

06 Construction 2021-11-05 16.00.13.jpg

6. Construction Administration

Our Architects support the Contractor's efforts by approving shop drawings and observing the construction in the field. Payment application review and final punch-lists follow to close out the project. These risk management services enhance communications and greatly help to facilitate the work. 

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